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Dr. Jenna Smith Dip.App.Sci, B.Chiro -Chiropractor

Nambour Chiropractor Dr. Jenna Smith has spent most of her life on a large dairy farm in southwest Victoria with her parents and four older brothers. She enjoys playing netball, volleyball and danced competitively for 10 years.

Jenna was introduced to chiropractic as a young child visiting the local chiropractor to have general checks as well as treating specific injuries. Jenna’s family seeks chiropractic for health promotion and disease prevention based care. By attaining chiropractic care through her life Jenna has achieved a level of wellness including more energy, better sleep quality, improved joint mobility and better performance at work and recreational activities. Jenna was inspired to become a Chiropractor; with the dream of influencing other people’s lives the way Chiropractic has hers.

Jenna graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science from the Auckland University of technology then completing a 5-year Bachelor of Chiropractic degree from the world-renowned New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Jenna practices a range of techniques to suit all patients including babies and elderly patients and every one in-between.

Jenna ascertains that ‘if your nervous system is working properly the body is better able to heal itself and perform at its full potential. A healthy spine and nervous system can help anyone at any time in their life regardless of age, condition, and presence of symptoms.’

Dr. Matthew Smith BSc. MCHIR -Chiropractor

Nambour Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Smith has worked on the Sunshine Coast for the past 9 years at our Sunshine Coast Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic located in Mooloolaba an Nambour.  Dr. Smith is the co-owner of Absolute Health, an currently consults from both Mooloolaba an Nambour.

Sunshine Coast Chiropractor  was born and raised near Warrnambool in Victoria. Having grown up on a dairy farm and doing typical farming, and boys activities such as riding motorbikes, playing football, tennis, golf (any sport really) it wasn't long until he needed to be taken to a Chiropractor to have his spine and nervous system checked. This continued for many years until he started getting interested in different medical fields to study as a possible career.

After speaking to his Chiropractor about how Chiropractic uses the bodies own "innate" or natural ability to heal itself, Matthew became very interested in Chiropractic, and dedicated the following 5 years of University to becoming one.

During a 5 year double degree at Macquarie University (Bachelor of Science and Masters in Chiropractic) He was awarded the following awards:

  • The Chiropractors Association of Australia Academic award
  • The Chiropractic Education Australia Clinic Internship award
  • The Chiropractors Association of Australia Graduate of the year award
  • The Vice Chancellors Commendation for academic excellence

Since graduating Macquarie University as a Chiropractor Matthew has worked in Australia for a year and then spent the following 6 years working in Europe in one of the busiest Chiropractic clinics in the United Kingdom before opening Absolute Health in 2011 with his Physiotherapist partner Nicola Suckle.

"I feel that having both Chiropractors and Physiotherapists working together in our Sunshine Coast clinic is a fantastic combination. I have always felt that people seem to believe its Chiropractic Vs Physiotherapy Vs Medicine. In my opinion each discipline (and even practitioner can provide an important contribution to both the short term symptomatic relief of a patient, as well as the long term health and wellness.

Dr. Steele Anderson - BHSc. BAppSc.(Chiro)

Chiropractor, Dr Steele Anderson, has spent the majority of his life on the Sunshine Coast. Growing up in a sport and health loving family, chiropractic care became a must. Steele’s mum, an exercise loving super woman, has reaped the benefits of chiropractic care throughout her rigorous lifestyle. She introduced Steele to chiropractic when he had issues with his pelvis and knees in primary school. All through his schooling years, Steele loved competing in sports such as soccer, AFL and athletics. However, sometimes Steele came out on the wrong side of a well-functioning body with injuries. It was due to chiropractic care that he felt increasingly better and began to move better than he had before. His increased energy levels, fewer neck and back issues, mental clarity and even positive behaviour changes were just some of the outcomes of getting adjusted.

When it came time for Steele to choose a direction in life post-school, he took a leap and decided to pursue chiropractic studies. This meant relocating to Melbourne, Victoria.

A graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Steele completed his 5-year double degree (Bachelor of Health Science/ Bachelor of Applied Science) to become a chiropractor.  After working in Victoria and living away from Queensland for 5 years, Steele decided to move back to the Sunshine Coast. He is now ready and raring to go, looking forward to helping as many people as he can… and what a better profession to do that with than chiropractic?

Whilst pain is a nuisance, Steele believes that we have to look further than the symptom. Pain is just a warning light on your dashboard indicating that something isn’t functioning the way it should be. That is why chiropractors look deeper to the function of the spine. The outcomes from an adjustment can be so profound and beneficial because your brain and nervous system are highly influenced by the function of your spine. Steele believes, just like regular exercise, dental check-ups or car services, that chiropractic care is a great support to maintain our busy and active lifestyles.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Steele is a highly effective chiropractor; I've been visiting chiropractors for over 6 years but I will book a consultation with Steele over all else. I like how he always takes the time to thoroughly assess and tailor the adjustments every time I visit. His advice has always been what is best for the patient."
    Jake B.
  • "Professional, expert care. Great people!"
    Stuart White